Nothing prepared and visit is around the corner? Let be inspired and use our spreads which are suitable for canapé, bread or even for baked baguette. Apart from traditional spreads, such as Encianka spread or Spread with blue-mould cheese we have started the production of more modern and more spicy cheese spreads such as Jalapeño or wasabi. People like them so we suggest you try them.

Spreads Agro Tami

Tami creamy spread chives 150g

Tami creamy spread ham 150g

Tami creamy spread blue cheese 150g

Spreads Mana Premium

Mana Premium natur 150g

Mana Premium blue cheese 150g

Mana Premium spread horseradish 180g

Spreads Mana

Mana creamy spread tuna 200g

Mana - R spread with tomato and basal 200g

Mana creamy spread plain 200g

Mana - R spread plain 200g

Mana - R spread with blue cheese 150g

Mana - R spread pepper 150g

Mana - R spread chives 150g

Mana - R spread garlic and herbs 150g

Chesse Spreads

Spread made of rival and with flavour WASABI

Spread with Rival cheese

Jalapeño spread

Encianka spread