kyslomliecne vyrobky

Fermented dairy products

Tatra's fermented dairy products are produced in a traditional way, where dairy cultures are added to the pasteurized cow's milk. The characteristic feature of fermented products is the presence of live active microorganisms that promote digestion by positively influencing the metabolic activity of the intestinal microflora, boosting immunity, destroying Candida bacteria and, last but not least, facilitating digestion of lactose, so they are also suitable for lactose intolerant consumers. For example, the popular Tatra Zakysanka is an easily digestible drink, an excellent source of calcium with beneficial effect in the human digestive tract.

Acidophilous milk

Acidophilous milk full-fat 500 ml

Soured milk products

Caucasian kefir 500 ml

Acidophilous milk

Acidophilous milk full-fat 230 ml

Acidrink Natur

Acidrink Vanilla

Acidrink Strawberry

Acidrink Chocolate


Buttermilk 400 ml

Acidified milk

Tatra sour cream 500 ml

Tatra sour cream 1 l

Nitra acidifield milk full-fat 500ml

Žilina acidified milk full-fat 500ml