Produced based on green energy

Do you know what this is? Well, it is our new green logo, which you are going to see on our packaging more often in the future.


zelena-energia-male logo.jpg

Do we put it on the packaging? To let you know that TAMI is eco-friendly and is trying to use green energy.

What is green energy? Energy and heat production using renewable energy sources.

Where and how do we get it? In the biogas plant, which represents a sustainable innovation project. Full use of the heat and electricity produced makes it possible to achieve significant savings in natural gas and electricity. The project is unique in its complexity, combining the use of waste from food production and the production of local farmers at the same time covering energy needs of  the dairy factory. The biogas plant is also a stabilizing factor for farmers in the region. The other benefits of the project include, in particular, lowering production costs, reducing energy dependence, increasing security of energy supply and addressing the issue of waste management.