Milk and dairy products have a key role in human nutrition. Milk is the most complete and most valuable health-promoting food-stuff. It belongs among the so called functional foods that have potentially a positive effect on health and vitality beyond basic nutrition.

When producing high-quality dairy products it is crucial to be able to buy good quality raw milk, which has good chemical, microbiological and technological properties.

Fresh milk

Tatra half-fat milk ultra-pasteurized 1 l

Tatra mountain milk full-fat ultra-pasteurized 1 l

Long-life milk

Tatra low-fat milk long-life 1 l

Tatra half-fat milk long-life 1 l

Tatra full-fat milk long-life 1 l


Barista Latte 1 l

Long-life milk

Lapte UHT milk semi-skimmed 1,5% 1 l

UHT Milk 1,5 % 1L

Dráčik – half-fat milk (long-life) 250 ml

Flavoured milk

Dráčik – vanilla milk (long-life) 250 ml

Dráčik – chocolate milk (long-life) 250 ml

Dráčik – strawberry milk (long-life) 250 ml