Curd / Ricotta

Curd is a precipitated dairy protein that is produced in several types of heat-treated cow's milk. It is characterized by the amount of dry matter and the amount of fat in the dry matter. According to this, the curds are divided into soft, delicate, bold. Ricotta is made from sweet whey after the production of natural cheeses by precipitation of whey proteins at a certain temperature. Whey has a high biological value and is a rich source of not only essential but branched amino acids that are necessary for muscle development. That's why our ricotta is so popular among athletes.

Curd cheese

Curd vacuum packed 200 g

Curd thermised 250 g

Nitriansky tvaroh tučný hrudkovitý 250g - fólia

Nitriansky tvaroh mäkký hrudkovitý 200g

Nitriansky tvaroh tučný hrudkovitý 250g

Tami tvaroh mäkký hrudkovitý 250g


Ricotta 250 g