Do you love ice cream or desserts with a huge pile of whipped cream, too? Is it hard for you to resist a thick creamy soup or delicious sauce? You're in the right place. Cream from TAMI provides an ideal partnership for the preparation of hot or cold dishes. We use quality milk for the production of quality TAMI cream. You just need to choose the right one for the purpose of your culinary art and our assortment of cream is at your disposal.

Whipping cream

Whipping-cream 30% 250 ml

Nitra whipping cream 33% 240ml

Tami whipping cream 33% 240ml

The cooking cream

Sweet cream 12% 1 l

Sweet cream 12% 250 ml

Acid delicatessen

Acid delicatessen cream 12%

Nitra sour cream 10% 200g

Nitra sour cream 16% 175g

Tami sour cream 16% 180g

Coffee creamer

Coffee creamer 10x10 ml