Is it impossible for you to live without quality cheeses, especially Slovakian ones? Then you will definitely love some cheese from our portfolio. The dominance and pride of our production is the cheese of Camembert type Encián. It is an original, soft, mature whole cheese with a white mold on the surface. Gradually maturing, its curd-like core becomes pleasantly soft and dull. The young, immature cheese is more sour with a little scent. The smooth mushroom-flavour and flavour is typical for ripened cheese. Excellent is also in flavoured versions. A typical part of the dishes is the long-time favorite Tatra Rival cheese with a semi-soft, delicate consistency with the blue-green mold. It has a spicy flavour with a characteristic smell of noble mold and is ideal for preparing hot and cold dishes. Are you looking for a totally different alternative to quench your taste buds? So then definitely try the Tatra Gold, or maybe its austere version.

Mould - Encian

Encian with pepper seasoning

Encian with provencal seasoning

Mould cheeses - with seasoning

Encian cheese with white mould on the surface

Encian - lactose minus

Mould - Plesnivec

Plesnivec cheese with white mould on the surface

Plesnivec for grill

Plesnivec for grill with cranberry sauce

Mould - Goral Plesnivec

Goral plesnivec

Mould - Tatranska niva

Tatra NIVA

Tatra Niva 1


Encian moudly cheese „cake“

Mould - Cakes

Encian cheese with olives

Mould - Rival

Tatra rival

Golden Rival

Tatra rival cheese with blue-green mould partioning

Golden Rival partioning

Tatra cheeses

Pickled tatra cheese Balkan-type

Tatra cheese Balkan-type

Tatra Gold

Janosik Gold

Tatra Gold

Tatra Gold

Tatranský pikantny rez

Pickled cheeses

Pickled encian in oil 610g

Pickled rival in oil 320g

Pickled tatra cheese Balkan-type

Pickled encian 550g

Melted cheeses

Tamino – melted spreadable cheese with encian

Tamino – melted spreadable cheese with blue-green mould

Hard cheese

Tatra edam cheese 45% 1,4 kg

Tatra edam cheese 45%