Tatranská mliekareň, a.s. Kežmarok

Tatranská mliekareň is situated close to the highest mountain range in Slovakia, High Tatras. It is located in the royal town of Kežmarok and supplies its dairy products to customers in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

The history of Tatranská mliekareň a.s. goes back to 1979, when a dairy opened in Kežmarok as a part of a larger concern with its headquarters in Košice. It became an independent state company in 1991, which then went through privatisation in the following year and was transformed into a joint-stock company. The history of cheese production and other dairy products in the region, however, goes as far back as the 13th century.

Tatranská mliekareň produce a broad range of dairy products, mainly with white mould and blue mould cheeses, fresh milk, long-life milk, cottage cheese, yogurts, soured milk products and other gastronomic products. 

TAMI production portfolio is so wide that we can satisfy a broad range of customers of all ages. Big popularity of TAMI products is caused due to the excellent taste influenced by the favourable location near the mountain range.


Bio products

bio_produkty_all.jpgTatranská mliekareň is aware of the present healthy style trend and increasing demand for BIO products and has found a supplier of organic milk to be able to launch production of organic milk and cheese products.



Production facilities


Tatranská mliekareň owns the most modern facilities with hight quality production.

This includes three production lines for long-life milk, a line for fresh milk as well as the necessary equipment for the production of cheese and cottage cheese. All production facilities are located in one precint. The management of Tatranská mliekareň plan next modernisation of the cheese production in future, especially of the blue cheese and the white mould cheese owing to their increasing popularity.


Awards and Certificates